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The South Orange Green Team is a group of volunteers seeking to improve our local community and environment by assisting with local environmental projects, issues, and events. Whether it’s planting a community garden, creating awareness of energy conservation, taking part in a bike rally, or researching recycling alternatives, we need people of all ages, interests, and skil levels to get involved. There are jobs large and small for time commitments large and small, and it’s a great way to meet your fellow Villagers.

If you’d like to be put on our list of potential Green Team members, click stating your interests, time commitment, and any special skills you might have and we’ll match you with an upcoming project.

We REALLY Need Your Input

Is there a section of river near you with more plastic floaters than fish?
A neighborhood park that could use a green thumb? What to do with all those leaves?
Maybe you’ve seen piles of recyclables that never seem to get into recycling bins.
Now you can do something about it. Tell us your idea for a Green Team project.
For more information click here.

Join the South Orange Green Team!

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