Greener Landscaping Practices & List of Landscapers who Offer Them


Here is a list of landscapers that offer greener landscaping services to reduce CO2 emissions and other air, noise, ground and water pollutants. You’ll also use less water, and your lawn and gardens will be healthier for it. Continue reading

What Is A Watershed?

No matter where you are in New Jersey, you are in a watershed. Watersheds are everywhere … from your front doorstep to the local park to the shopping mall to the creek down the road. Watersheds are the link between our land, our water and our communities because the quality of our water is linked to how we use the watershed surrounding it. Continue reading

Don’t Just Sit There

Many of us idle our cars without even thinking about it . . . We don’t realize that we are hurting our air quality, our health, our cars, and our wallets…and we are even breaking the state law which prohibits idling for more than three minutes. Continue reading