Saving Energy in Your Home Office

Turning off computers, printers, and other electronic equipment when not in use can result in significant savings An ENERGY STAR computer uses 70% less electricity than computers without this designation. If left inactive, EnergyStar© computers enter a low-power mode and use 15 … Continue reading

Don’t Toss That Bulb!

Switching to compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs is a very bright idea. They use about one fourth the energy and produce 90 percent less heat compared with traditional incandescent bulbs. But what do you do with them when they do reach the end of their lives? Continue reading

Don’t Just Sit There

Many of us idle our cars without even thinking about it . . . We don’t realize that we are hurting our air quality, our health, our cars, and our wallets…and we are even breaking the state law which prohibits idling for more than three minutes. Continue reading