Environment Commission

  • Commenting on Planning Board applications
  • Revising and updating the Village Master Plan and zoning ordinances
  • Educating the public about reducing non-point sources of pollution, e.g. chemicals on lawns, leaf composting, etc. and improving storm water quality
  • Applying for grants to help Village offset expenses and improve quality of life and environment
  • Encouraging backyard composting and sustainable yard waste
  • Supporting Anti-Idling Campaign

Energy Policy Committee

  • Publishing of Energy conservation ideas for public
  • Public Works yard – increased recycling options
  • Library Energy Talks/Reading Corner
  • SO Baseline of Energy Usage/GHG emissions
  • Gas Lamp Igniter development with PSE&G
  • BioDiesel Municipal fleet initiative w/ Maplewood
  • Wind Monitoring initiative
  • Solar Panels on Municipal Buildings & commercial buildings (Pub Works)
  • BPU Clean Power Community Partnership
  • Shared Services feasibility with Maplewood

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